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International training / projects / collaborations
1) Vladislava Druz (student), while in the 4th year of her bachelor's degree, applied for a grant from the Chinese government, which she won. Training began in 2021.
University - China university of political science and law.
Program - LLM International Law. We study international law (from investment to antitrust), the results will be a master's degree.
2) The project "European integration: legislation and the Internet of Things", which operates under Unit A.1 (Unit Erasmus +: Higher Education-Knowledge Alliances, Bologna Support, Jean Monnet) provides for the use of European legal experience in implementing Internet of Things technologies (IoT Technologies ).
Program - Erasmus + Jean Monnet Module.
Acronym of the project - EULIoT (European Integration: Legislation and the Internet of Things)
Period - 2020-2023
The project provides for a number of activities of both educational and scientific nature.
3) On October 21, 2021, the department organized a meeting with a student of the University of Vienna (Faculty of Law, 6th semester, course ER22.1x: Justice), 2-time (2019/2020) Fellow of the University of Vienna for Special Academic Achievements, Assistant Lawyer in Law Dr. Thiery (Vienna) Slivak Victoria Eugene. She shared with students at the NNP her experience in obtaining a scholarship for legal education abroad, the specifics of studying law in Austria and the peculiarities of working in the Austrian legal field.

University of Luxembourg International Summer School