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One of the important components for the development of students as future professionals in the area is the practical development of the knowledge gained during university studies. Therefore the choice of the place of practice is a very powerful tool for improving individual skill as a specialist.

Faculty of Sociology and Law is dedicated to providing its students with a wide selection of organizations for practical training. The faculty has both its own units that can be a springboard for entering the required skills and practices as well as a long and fruitful history of cooperation with local governmental and nongovernmental institutions that accept our students for passing this phase of training.

Among their departments, Department of Sociology and Law:

Legal Clinic “Defendo”

What skills a student can obtain passing practice in legal clinic?

student gets the opportunity to work with real cases to which people go to the clinic
learn to worry about the problems of economic and administrative law
the student can watch the whole process of working with clients from the time an appeal to the clinic and before the closing of the case
internships get a chance to talk with the already famous and successful lawyers and they gain experience
Apart from its own resources, Department of Sociology and Law supports students in the practice in other institutions and organizations.

Students of Law Faculty of Sociology and Law practice in these institutions:

• Appeal Court of Kyiv;
• Solomensky District Court of Kyiv;
• Arbitration Chamber of Ukraine;
• Kyiv Research Institute forensic examination;
• Pechersk district department of MIA of Ukraine in. Kiev;
• Department of the Executive Directorate of the Social Insurance Fund from industrial accidents and occupational diseases in Ukraine Kiev Svyatoshinsky district. Kyiv;
• The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine;
• Tender Chamber of Ukraine;
• Department of Justice in Kyiv region.